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After a year-long political war, President Obama and the Democratic leaders of Congress achieved in March 2010 a victory that has eluded lawmakers for seventy-five years: an overhaul of America's health care system. But despite the incessant and often rancorous debate that preceded the bill's passage, most Americans still don't understand what is in the final legislative package or what reform will—or won't—mean for them.

In Landmark, reporters and editors from the national staff of the Washington Post provide a comprehensible summary of the legislation the president signed into law, and examine the impacts it will have on Americans in various categories, on health care providers and insurers, and on the health care system as a whole. They also provide a fascinating behind-the-scenes narrative of how the legislation came together, and of the political obstacles, events, negotiations, and compromises that helped determine its shape. Landmark is an invaluable resource for anyone who wants to understand the historic changes now under way.
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